What is Energy Up?

Real People, Real Results!

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Personalized Exercise + Personalized Nutrition + Winning the Mental Game =

Lasting Results

Personalized Exercise

  • The In-Home Workouts are 20-30 Minutes each. (No Equipment Needed)
  • Our patented software Personalizes Your Workouts based on your health status and goals!
  • All Fitness Levels Belong: Our average member is trying to drop 44 lbs. but 15% of our members are not trying to lose weight. We have 11 members who started at 300 pounds and one started at 400 pounds. Everyone belongs!
  • You Can View The Workout Videos On Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • There are 54 New Workouts each Week (that you do live or on recording) plus there are 1,000 Recorded In-Home Workouts.

Personalized Nutrition

  • You receive a Personalized Meal Plan including recipes, shopping lists, and optional calorie counting. You choose from six types of meal plans (Heart Healthy, Weight Loss, Balanced, Diabetes, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free).
  • We have 1 Nutrition Coach who is available to provide Personalized Nutrition Guidance.
  • There is 1 Weekly Cooking Show to guide you through how to prepare simple, affordable and delicious meals for you and your family.

Winning the Mental Game

  • The messaging from the coaches during the workouts is unique and powerful in that they talk about Ditching Perfectionism and All-or-Nothing Thinking!
  • Most people have trouble losing weight and keeping it off because of their Negative Voice (the one that feeds you all the excuses). We help you control that voice so that it no longer talks you down.
  • You receive Daily Missions & Weekly Motivation Videos that lead to healthy and sustainable habits.
  • The Private Online Energy Up Community is fantastic for support and encouragement!

What is the Cost?

We offer 4 Subscription Options

(Try it with Zero Risk: You can email us anytime during Online Energy Up for a full refund if you don't love your results!)