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without Dieting or Long Workouts!

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Personalized Workouts:

  • The In-Home Workouts are 20-30 Minutes each. (No Equipment Needed)
  • Our patented software Personalizes Your Workouts based on your health status and goals!
  • All Fitness Levels Belong: Our average member is trying to drop 44 lbs, but 15% of our members are not trying to lose weight. We have 11 members who started at 300 pounds and one started at 400 pounds. Everyone belongs!
  • You can View the Workout Videos On Your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • There are 19 New Workouts each Week (that you do live or on recording) plus there are 1,000 Recorded In-Home workouts
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Pay $47 per month for a Monthly Subscription

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Personalized Nutrition:

  • You receive a Personalized Meal Plan including recipes, shopping lists, and optional calorie counting.
  • You choose from six types of meal plans (Heart Healthy, Weight Loss, Balanced, Diabetes, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free).
  • We have 2 Nutrition Coaches who are available to provide Personalized Nutritional Guidance
  • There are 2 Weekly Cooking Shows.
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Winning The Mental Game:

  • The messaging from the coaches during the workouts is unique and powerful in that they talk about Ditching Perfectionism and All-or-Nothing Thinking!
  • Most people have trouble losing weight and keeping it off because of their Negative Voice (the one that feeds you all the excuses).
  • We help you control that voice so that it no longer talks you down.
  • You receive Daily Missions & Weekly Motivation Videos that lead to healthy and sustainable habits.
  • The Private Online Energy Up Community is fantastic for support and encouragement!
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